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"We contacted Debbie to dress a "green" room for speakers to prepare themselves at the ATHENA International 35th Anniversary Conference. She provided beautiful furnishings that made the space feel comfortable & welcoming, but her real skill was adjusting to ever changing deadlines, vendor mishaps and calmness under pressure, she was unflappable. We were highly impressed with her, and our client was too. We can't wait to work with her again."
Carole Tuckey, September 2016



"Deborah Barone gives solid advice and when taken by the home owner... The results are evident "Sold" in less than 30 days And for the price the seller's wanted."
Wanda Williams, August 2016



"I have a beach house in Shelby Michigan which has sweeping views of Lake Michigan. Like many owners of second homes, my house is filled with second hand furnishings. Being a bachelor, decorating is not my forte. Deborah from Staging Designs by Deborah came into my home and simply rearranged my furniture, artwork, and accessories. I did not purchase a single item. Now my interior matches the beauty of the exterior."
Ken E., June 2016



"I consulted with Deborah for color advice and for choices of accessories and the arrangements thereof to enhance my space. Her personal, friendly manner was extraordinary! I have never received such customer service! She met me at several stores and was patient with me in my uncertainty. Long story short, I went with her advice and used several gray colors I wouldn't have chosen if left to my own devices. The results were magnificent and I couldn't believe the compliments! I'm not really used to people admiring my décor. And I just love my space! It is so peaceful and serene. As a result of my satisfaction with my first project, I have consulted with Deborah on other projects and feel I have an understanding friend. I know I don't have this kind of creative talent so I'm glad I found someone close by who does and who is so easy to work with."
Carolyn Furney, July 2015



"I highly recommend Deborah Barone from Staging Designs by Deborah, LLC. About six months before I put my house up for sale, Deborah consulted and provided a very thorough plan to up-grade and up date my home to make it more marketable. Although it was hard to hear that my beautiful "pumpkin" color walls (that I loved!!) would turn some potential buyers off -- she explained how it was way too dark in a very professional, respectful and convincing manner. We followed all of her advice and the results were stunning!! My realtor was very impressed the first time she walked in the door. She remarked she loved how Deborah carried the theme of red throughout the entire home, it pulled everything together. Our home was on the market for almost five weeks before we received a sales offer, even though we had heard the average market time in our area was 90 days. I know that the reason that we received an offer so quickly was due to the staging and Deborah Barone. I highly recommend hiring Staging Designs by Deborah, LLC for all of your staging needs. Thank you."
Tammy Gus, June 2015