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Staging Tips

Fresh Paint

fresh paint

Freshly painted walls can see a return on investment of up to 200%. Always choose a neutral color. Be careful however. Paint can change colors in different light. It is a great idea to paint a test swatch on the walls or a poster board. See how the color reacts on the different walls and at different times of day.

My daughter recently painted her living room a shade of gray, Towards evening the room takes on a blue tone. It is a lovely color and thankfully she doesn't mind the blue hue. I did go into a house at a realtor's request for possibly staging. All the walls appeared peach. I was going to recommend painting only to find out his peachy-pink color had just been put on the walls.

Need help in choosing the right color? We do color consultations.

Open Houses and Showings


When having an open house or showing, please remove all traces of your beloved pet. Some buyers are allergic. As a seller you want your property to have the look of a model home. So hide those pet food dishes and litter boxes. Don’t forget to put the lid down on the toilet seats. We know that your home holds special memories for you. Now it’s time to wrap up all those family photos for your next move. The buyer need to see herself or himself or their family living in the space. If there is too many of your family’s momentos a buyer feels as if they are walking into your house not their new home.

Need help preparing your home for sale? We recommend starting with a staging consultation. We will walk with you through your property inside and out making recommendations to get your house ready for sale.

Best of luck with the sale of your home.